The wine grower

Bed & Breakfast in Alsace, on the famous « Route du Vin » near to the Haut-Koenigsbourg castle; André Ackermann, the wine grower welcomes you in the heart of the winery. 25 rte du Vin 68590 RORSCHWIHR +33 3 89 73 63 87

28 août 2012


What a pleasure in Alsace when you can welcome a stork on your roof, the emblem of your region. When we where kids we used to sing: (in local dialect)               Storich, Storich làngabein,            Breng m'r boll à Bubala heim            Eins wo hiilt            Eins wo làcht,            Eins wo oi en d'Wendel màcht. (Photo Pierre) ... [Lire la suite]
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14 août 2012


The " VERAISON " With the first week of August comes the colour to the grapes: This is what we call here "véraison ". But this is only  possible if the vine has enough humidity to fix the fructose wich has been elaborated by the assimilation of the chlorophyll. But for the last ten days the vineyard was realy thirsty, and the process nearly blocked .So when august 12th brought us a shower of rain, it was more than welcome: 45 l of water by square meter ! We now have great hopes in a very balanced vintage.
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